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The XS is the line of medium/large size gantry machines. It is dedicated to 3 – 5 axis high speed machining as well as heavy duty machining on hard materials (steel, inconel, titanium, etc). The possibility to have automatic head changing system or as alternative, the automatic spindle cartridge change, allows the machines to be much flexible and suitable for complex machining both in moulds/dies industry and in aerospace industry.


Longitudinal travel 3000 ÷ 3000 mm
Cross travel 2500 ÷ 4500 mm
Vertical travel 1250 • 2000 mm
Feeds 0 ÷ 40000 • 0 ÷ 100000 mm/1`
Universal Milling Head 30 Kw • 7000 rpm
5 Axses Head Motorspindle 60 Kw • 24000 rpm

Product Images

Front View
Top View
Working Area
Head TIC75
Head TOE 29T
Head TPM
Head TWM
Head Change
Spindle Change
Pallet Change
XS 15 metres


Gantry Milling Machines
XS at EMO 2016
High Speed Finishing
Thermal Stabilization
Roughing Test
Milling & Turning
Turning Table
Milling Test
XS Head AVIO: Roughing Test
XS Head AVIO: Movements

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