UNIKA is a high speed-milling machine with movable column. It allows a rapid feed of 60 m/min. The movements of the linear axes are realized with water-cooled linear motors. The column, the knee and the ram are generously dimensioned. The structures are naturally symmetrical guaranteeing therefore constancy of behavior independently from the temperature variations and from the solicitations produced in machining phase. In the working area can be installed index tables, tailstocks, clamping piece systems.


Longitudinal travel 1100 • 1700 mm
Cross travel 600 • 800 mm
Vertical travel 0 ÷ 60000 mm/1`
Feeds 29 Kw • 18000 rpm
Brushless AC spindle motor Longitudinal travel

Product Images

Working Area
Rotary Table
Rotary Table
Blade Machining
Blade Roughing


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