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The model PHS is a high speed working center with fixed portal and mobile table solution characterized by a very compact and ergonomic line. The planning with the aid of the FEM system has allowed to optimize the calculation to finished elements making the particularly rigid structures of this model with the total elimination of the vibrations in phase of milling.


Longitudinal travel 800 • 1200 • 1600 mm
Cross travel 600 • 800 • 900 mm
Vertical travel 450 ÷ 700 mm
Feeds 0 ÷ 40000 mm/1`
Brushless AC spindle motor 17 ÷ 38 Kw

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3 Axis Machining
Tool Change & Presetting
5 Axis Machining
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High speed finishing test on PHS-1
High speed finishing test on PHS-2

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