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FORMULA is a very versatile floor type high dynamic milling machine featuring high technology solutions. Wide range of configurations on multiple axis, modularity on travels and various accessories (milling heads, heads auto change, rotary tables, ATCs, automation). The machine is ideal for roughing and finishing operation on medium and large parts and can be installed in mould and die operations, aeronautic and power generation industry as well as in general job shops.


Longitudinal travel 4500 ÷ 20500 mm
Cross travel 1300 • 1600 mm
Vertical travel 2600 ÷ 4100 mm
Feeds 0 ÷ 60000 • 0 ÷ 30000 mm/1`
Brushless AC spindle motor 45 ÷ 50 Kw • 4000 ÷ 8000 rpm

Product Images

Uniblock Version
Tool Changer
Head TIC 75
Head TIC 75
Head TIC 75
Head TIC 75
Boring Bar - Tube 92
Head Storage


Exmples of Milling
Milling with a horizontal extended head

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