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The milling center to portal and fixed bed for high speed machinings ESAGON, currently represents the more advanced generation of tools machines. Entirely characterized by a projected structure resorting to the systems of optimization through calculation to finished elements, FEM, with the objective to get an extremely rigid and very dynamic configuration, has been conceived for answering to the widest and diversify applications of various customers and therefore can satisfy demands of machinings to 3, 4 and 5 axes.


Longitudinal travel 1200 mm
Cross travel 750 mm
Vertical travel 700 mm
Feeds 0 ÷ 120000 mm/1`
Brushless AC spindle motor 20 • 29 Kw • 30000 ÷ 20000 rpm

Product Images

Double Table Clamps
Working Area
4 Axis Machining
Pieces Change Robot
Twin Table
Standard Spindle
Single Table
Working Area
Pallet-clamping Table


Double Table
Pallet Changer
Blisk Working

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