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DIAMOND is a gantry style machining centre with 3 or 5 axis for high speed moulds/dies machining as well as aerospace jobs. It features a monobloc structure with a gantry moving saddle and stationary workpiece. Machine available also in configuration “Linear”, with linear motor for 3 machine axes and torque motor for rotary axes.


Longitudinal travel 2200 (+200) mm
Cross travel 1500 (+220) mm
Vertical travel 1000 mm
Feeds 0 ÷ 40000 mm/1`
5 Axes Head Motorspindle 29 • 22000 rpm

Product Images

Top View
Tool Change
Diamond Linear
Turning Application
Working Area Cover
Inside View
Head TOE29T


Working Test
Head TOE29T
Milling & Turning Test
Steel Working
Test on Avional

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