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Lucid Motors chose a Parpas Group milling machine for the Newark production tool room. The equipment selected is a Roller XL 6-axis moving table Bridge type manufactured by the O.M.V. facility in Venice, Italy.

  • O.M.V. stands for Officine Meccaniche Venete and was incorporated in 1969 in the region of Venice, Italy. As part of Parpas Group O.M.V. specialized in:
  • * Moving Table Bridge Type machines for the Automotive and Aerospace Industries
  • * Fully Customized production machine tools for Automotive Battery Trays
  • * Small full linear motors Moving Colums for the Jet Engines and Energy Industries
  • * Large Moving Colums machines for General Machining and Energy Industries.

Lucid Motors chose the Roller XL for its accuracy and flexibility, the milling head is equipped with 2 direct drive liquid cooled Torque Motors designed for 5-axis live machining. The rotary table is also equipped with a direct drive liquid colled motor capable of 5-axis live machining and has a weight capacity of 6,600 lbs. This 6-axis configuration gives to the machine operator the flexibility to mill 5-axis using only the head or the combination of rotary table and head so even the most complicated workpiece shape can be achived with a single set-up.

Posted on October 31, 2022